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Horseback riding for young and Old...


    Pony riding for Kids from 2 years:


    What a funny holiday adventure for children to sit on a horse for the first time?

    This first contact to our horses will be arranged very individual for each child. From sitting on horse and enjoying till funny balance moves on horseback - your child will have much fun on our lovely Haflingerhorses.



  • Pony riding means that your child is sitting on horseback and will be lead on reins by a guide.

  • Safety is very important for us –every child gets a suitable riding helmet for free!
  • Places for Pony riding: on riding ring or little walk paths through our forest.
  • Price: per 10 minutes EUR 5,-- ( max. 30 minutes per child)



    FEBS – padagogic coached riding lessons for children from 4 years:



    The concept of FEBS:

    F - a Fanciful holiday adventure on childfriendly Haflingerhorses

    E - E xperience safe first contact & right interact with horses

    B - Movement on horseback in beautiful nature

    SS o much fun to learn in games with all senses



  • In groups (max. 4 children) or private tutoring your child will gain first experience with horses and riding.Reiten
  • A sure interact with the partner horse and the right care about horses is very important in this lessons.
  • Places for FEBS: horse stable, on riding ring or with older children in forest.
  • Daughter Elisabeth is certified by the National Association of Riding padagogic and will take care of your children!           (certified riding padagogic coach)
  • Price: per lesson and child EUR 16,--

    length of lesson according to group size

         * 1-2 children 30 min          
         * 3-4 children 60 min



    Riding lessons for beginners and experts:




    For beginners…...


    • riding lessons on riding ring (40x20m) with our seasoned daughter Elisabeth,
    • According to skills it´s possible to get private tutorial on the rein or group courses with max. 3 riders.
    • Riding helmet for free!
    • Price: lesson á 30 min - EUR 16,--



For experts…..

  • wonderful, guided rides across forest- and meadow paths
  • Enjoy the romantic views in the mountains!
  • length of rides 1-3 hours
  • Price: hour á 50 min - EUR 16,--













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