Hiker´s Paradise


  • Many assigned hike paths to start from our farm!
  • Enjoy the wonderful nature while hiking on soft hike paths just for familys. Have a break at one of the rustic alp-cabines. Visit the beautiful waterfall and see the panoramic view at the summit cross - a sight to behold!
  • Wandern

  • Calm, pure air and the peaceful landscape... Feel the effect of natures energy!
  • Maps of trails and hike tips for free!
  • Children love it to hike to the mountain stream near to our farm and play with the cold water.
  • All in all there are 500 km assigned and family friendly hike paths on the mountains Koralpe and Saualpe through 2100 m above sea level!

  • With a little luck and thoughtfulness you will find gorgeous stones with minerals.



  • Have an after-dinnerwalk arround our housemountain "Jurikogel" or to the fish ponds for relaxing...
  • The mushroom season starts in July!
  • Autumn is the best time for hikes because our farm is located across the fog line. Enjoy the clear and nearly endless view!






















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