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Our Farm

  • Family paradise in the east of Carinthia - 1250 m above sea level!
  • We are located on the sunny side with panoramic view of the Lavanttal, the mountains Koralpe and Saualpe.Haus
  • Near-natural, active farming, surrounded by meadows and forests.
  • Horseback riding with Haflingerhorses
  • Hiking paradise especially for familys
  • Farm products
  • Fish pond
  • Easter- and christmas traditions




  • certified playground with swing, sandbox, slide, children vehicles...
  • visit the cows, calves and horses at the meadows or in stable , feed the pigs, ...
  • clear the horse stable and assist at work on farm
  • collect your fresh breakfast eggs in chickenhouse
  • at pettingzoo there are rabbits, ducks and goats
  • our farmdog Luna and many cats love it to be pet....

  • playroom next to dinnerroom with many actual games
  • Enough space for table tennis, badminton, football, volleyball,...
  • barbecue with bonfire (once a week in july and august)









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